you could do this with BSH, You'd have to write some java code that can get
6 strings from 250 randomly from a file and set those as variables that can
be iterated over(using forEach , your variables would have the names like
url_1 , url_2 and the foreach would iterate over url , you'd just need one
sampler). You can tweak the BSH to do whatever you want (i.e. vary the total
number or read a single value randomly)

On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 8:49 AM, E. Doherty <dohert...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Greetings!  I'm new to JMeter, and I'm trying to replicate something
> that was easy to do back in my LoadRunner days.
> For "background" activity when testing specific things, I would create
> a LoadRunner script in which a Vuser viewed, say, six different pages.
>  I would then parameterize the six URLs, and on each occurrence a URL
> would be chosen randomly from a file that contained the 250 most
> popular URLs on the site.
> In JMeter, I could use a ramdom controller with 250 samplers (one for
> each URL) under it, and loop through ten times, but the 250 samplers
> seems too unwieldy.  Better, I could have six samplers, and (I think)
> use the StringFromFile function to grab a URL on each occurrence -
> however, StringFromFile reads lines from a file sequentially.
> Is there a relatively efficient way to perform the URL ramdomization
> I'd like, without having huge numbers of samplers or multiple data
> files?
> Thank you for any suggestions!
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