> thank you. fixed. Are people still using IDTF?

Yes, hardly anyone, given the amount of information that can be found online. Still, there is some life -- see [1]
But I am picking again the idea of producing PDFs with 3D models, and IDTF -> U3D is the only route.
I just found that Power PDF fron Nuance lets you insert a u3d file in a PDF, together with all the other content, very easily and visually within the GUI. So I am giving it a try. Seems t work very nicely except for wrong zoom / position of the model.
With a price of 39€ for the Education version of the software, it's worth the effort. Much nicer than learning Latex.

Embedding and publishing interactive, 3-dimensional, scientific figures in portable document format (PDF) files. Barnes, Vidiassov et al. (2013) doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0069446

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