Hi Bob,

in Jmol 14.6.4_2016_10_09 (and at least down to version 14.6.2) it 
doesn't work any more to load the state (from SPT and PNGJ file) if the 
model was loaded as MMCIF data from a variable.

But loading MMCIF data from a variable (mmcifdata) still works like this:

   load APPEND "@mmcifdata" FILTER "addBonds";

In the state the command looks like this instead:

   load APPEND @mmcifdata /*options*/  FILTER "addBonds";

Appearantly the missing quotes around the variable name lead the parser 
to take the MMCIF data as a filename resulting in the following 
(cropped) error message:

script ERROR: java.io.FileNotFoundException: ... (file name too long)...

If I add the quotes into the state file it loads correctly.


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