Top 10 things your tech devices are trying to tell you
A Japanese toy maker has created a handheld device that  translates dog
barks into human language.
 ( )
 The Bow-lingual, which should be available in Japan in February  2002,
also has a Dog Diary mode that collects a full day's worth
 of barking to present pet owners with a fuller picture of their  dogs'
inner lives. Now, here at the CNET Top 10 Central Office,
 we have our own translator in the works: a gadget that can  interpret
the secret language of common high-tech devices. Until
 we succeed, here's our best guess at what our machines are trying  to
tell us:

 10. Fatal exception on your Palm
     Translation: I know you've been docking with that cute
Handspring back at the office.
  9. Low toner
     Translation: Hey, Tubby. Less printing, more lifting.
8. Cell-phone battery dies
     Translation: For the love of God, get this guy a Tic Tac.
  7. Blue screen of death
     Translation: PowerPoint again??? I am so turned off right now!
  6. Blurry digital photos
     Translation: Kodak moment, my a$$.
  5. Server not responding
     Translation: Next time, leave a bigger tip.
  4. Browser crashes
     Translation: Porn...overload...unclean...must...take...
  3. Message undeliverable
     Translation: Nice try, Casanova. No way she'd have given you her
real e-mail address.
  2. File corrupted, could not open
     Translation: Please don't make me read another Top 10 like this.
  1. Sound card blows
     Translation: So does your music, Bub.

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