Tova ne e za Jokes, no...
E sega da se zasrami M$ !!!
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Subject: Administrivia - New York Red Cross needs tech

> TechTV is reporting that the New York Red Cross is in dire need of
> computer equipment and Microsoft software licenses.
> Read the full story at;
> tml
> I should also restate my call for blood donations. Most Red Cross
> Blood Donor Clinics are overwhelmed with response, however, they say
> there will be additional need for blood in the weeks/months to come.
> Clinics will schedule appointments for donors, and in some locations,
> schedule a truck to come out and take blood from a company drive. If
> you've recently been turned away from donating blood, consider
> offering to hold a blood drive in a few weeks at your company.
> (the pages there are being overwhelmed, so expect 404's)
> You can call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE (1-800-448-3543) to find a location and
> set up an appointment.
> Cheers,
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