> The true story:
> In the beginning there was the plan.
> And from the plan came the assumptions.
> And the assumptions were without form.
> And the plan was completely without substance.
> The employees told their supervisors, "The plan is a crock of shit, and
> it stinks!"
> The supervisors then told the department heads, "The plan is a pail of
> dung, and none may endure its odor."
> The department heads then told the managers, "The plan is a container of
> excrement which smells such that none may go near."
> The managers then told the director, "The plan is a vessel of
> fertilizer, and none may abide by its strength."
> The director then informed the vice president, "The plan contains that
> which aids plant growth and is strong."
> The vice president then told the executive vice president, "The plan
> promotes growth and is very powerful."
> The executive vice president said to the president,"The plan is very
> powerful, and will promote growth and efficiency of the system."
> And the president then reviewed the plan and said, "It is good."
> And the plan became policy.
> And this is how shit happens.

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