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Nomer 1:


Bug: When opening some Word documents, the Wordpad application crashes. I included a Word document (that is provided by MS as part of the SQL Server 2000 Operations Guide) that will always make Wordpad crash. Reproducibility: Always


Sled malko re-assign-vane eto go I otgovora:


Sorry.  We don't have the resources to look into and fix this now.  We may be able to look at it at a later time.  We have shipped this before so we can live with it, even though it is not ideal.



Nomer 2:


The following simple program (when launched into a new console window) causes the blue screen detailed below:


#include <stdio.h>


void main() {

                for (int i=0;i<10;i++) printf("\t\b\b");





Running this simple program will AV csrss.exe and result in the machine bug checking because winlogon is no longer running.

Old bug, perhaps existed since day one of NT.  Fixed for .NET server beta3; QFE folks are working on hotfixes etc. whatever needed to address this issue.

===== Assigned by garym on 10/26/2001 01:44PM =====

===== Assigned by garym on 10/26/2001 01:49PM =====

 --> Key_Words: (nothing) -> XPQFE

===== Edited by hiroyama on 10/26/2001 02:50PM =====

forgot to add checkin info:

Change 19256 by NTDEV\hiroyama@HIROYAMA1 on 2001/10/26 11:48:03


        BUG: 485575

        ESCROW: Simple user app cause AV in CSRSS resulting in bugcheck.


Affected files ...


... //depot/beta3/windows/Core/ntcon/server/cursor.c#2 edit


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