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I agree that having "Solo" function on several instruments at once
sounds not appealing, as it defeats calling it "Solo". It helps to
select two or three channels from rest of crowd, yes, but somehow it
doesn't help musician when it wants to select another channel to have
solo after listening to first one. He has to un-solo first instrument.
So, I gave my argument a second thought and have one interesting

Let's have two different modes for "Solo":
1. Normal "Solo" - In normal behavior, when another Instrument is
chosen for Solo, first instrument get's un-solo-ed (damn, not a right
word, ). This is by default and what Knut wanted by this patch.
2. Multi "Solo" - when musician wants to select several instruments
for Solo, t.i. playing them together while rest of channels are muted,
it has to hold down CTRL button while clicking on another instrument's
Solo button. It is also complements usual behavior in Nautilus and
other places where CTRL is used for cherry picking while doing

For me this feels more natural.

What do you people think about this?

Or we could just call the button "isolate"?


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