Question for Gstreamer people:
Is there anyway to do this *without* blocking other programs from using 
the alsasrc device while we passively monitor the level?

Knut Erik Teigen wrote:
> Hello,
> I wanted to learn some gstreamer to better understand what goes on 
> beneath the scenes in Jokosher, and ended up with this:
> I've created a gstreamer pipeline for each InstrumentViewer that listens 
> for input and displays the peak and decay in a small VUMeter,
> like this:
> The visual style is equal to the VUWidget in the MixerStrip (some 
> redundancy here, that I might clean up later), only with an added
> line to indicate the decay level.
> The VUMeter only gets updated when the track is armed, and is not 
> visible in the small view.
> Hope you like it, I'm leaving for a two-week vacation tomorrow, so it 
> might be a while until I can answer questions or fix bugs...:)
> Regards,
> Knut Erik Teigen
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