Hi, Jokosher has previously taken space at the LinuxWorld Expo & I'd like to invite you to apply for space again this year. Also if anyone knows of any worthy projects, please forward this to them.

Projects wanted for the .ORG Village at LinuxExpo 2007 - Exhibit for FREE!

Thanks to generous sponsorship space is available once again, FREE of charge, in the .Org Village for Linux projects, groups & campaigns.

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo will take place over two days, 23 & 24th October 2007 at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London, UK.

Each year we are given the task of scouring the UK and the rest of the world for participants for the .Org Village at Linux Expo's in the UK. Over the last few years we have made the .Org Village the largest of any Linux Expo in the World.

Sadly space is limited at the Expo. However unlike other LinuxWorld Expo's we do not allocate space on a first come first served basis or based on the perceived size of you .Org.

Submissions are welcome up until the 31st July. At that time we will announce which entrants have been accepted. Whilst some priority will be made to UK based .Orgs the size of your Org will not be either a benefit or hindrance. Some space will be reserved specifically for small or new Orgs.

Please submit your application at http://www.linuxexpo.org.uk

Any decisions made will be based on numerous factors but specifically on their relevance to a UK Linux expo.

Your project/ group/ campaign will be provided with exhibition space including electrics, storage etc. at no cost.

This is a great opportunity to promote your project to a large audience at minimal (no) cost, and also to help make the .Org Village a lively discussion and meeting place for the whole Linux and Open Source community.

For further details on the exhibition see www.linuxworldexpo.co.uk

If you know of any worthy projects, please pass this information to them and ask them to apply.

Geoff Foster (geoff at uklinux dot net)
Peter Russell (peter.russell at mac dot com)
uklinux.net - Sponsors of the .org Village.

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