Hi all,

Something that was discussed in the hack sessions but maybe not
communicated outside was the idea of us getting a beta1 out on Oct
1st. Now, luckily, it seems most of our recording and playback blocker
bugs are gone, and we are in pretty good shape to polish and get a
rock solid 1.0 out. There will be a number of beta releases to get
Jokosher into rock solid form.

Also luckily, we have had some excellent user testing, and a number of
great bug reports with a high level of detail, covering a wide part of
the application. As such, we now have a number of bugs to fix to
resolve all of these little issues.

So, now is a call to arms. We have a few weeks before Oct 1st, so lets
get bug fixing. You can find the bugs over at
https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/jokosher/+bugs and we encourage
everyone to go through the list of bugs and work on fixes, either
submitting to subversion or by sending us patches.

I would love to see at least one bug a day being fixed. Why don't we
try and do that? Would be an interesting challenge. :)

We are in the home stretch folks, lets just give it a little more push
and give everyone what Jokosher has promised since the beginning. :)

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