Hi Everyone,

I've met a few of you on IRC already but I thought I'd introduce myself 

I'm planning on trying to help out Jokosher with development on the 
python/gst side of things, at least for a little while.  I just started 
a project in Python at work and so am looking for something fun to do 
with my free time while I sharpen up my Python skills a bit.  I'm 
primarily an electronic musician mostly interested in composition and 
production, but also play Trombone, guitar and bass.  I also have a big 
passion for writing algorithmic music and interactive sound 
installations/sculpture using languages like Pure Data and CSound... 
I've been thinking about learning GStreamer for a while as another 
possible choice for my audio processing projects.

No promises for much product from me for the foreseeable future except a 
bunch of questions as I get up speed on the Jokosher code base, python, 
pyGtk and GStreamer... its a lot to take in but so far I've been 
enjoying myself digging around.   Hopefully i'll be able to crush a few 
outstanding bugs and help get 1.0 out the door as I familiarize myself 
with the code base.

I really appreciate the obvious amount of effort you guys have put into 
documenting everything and putting up really helpful getting starting 
guides... it has made these early hours of exploration a joy.


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