Christopher Brown wrote:
> Hey folks,
> Just submitted an update for Fedora after pulling in latest Jokosher
> subversion. Tried ascii art which was partially successful though the
> guitar ended up looking more like a ghost waving but being torpedoed
> at the same time.
> Anyway, the crux of my email. Are we expecting the 1.0 release
> soon-ish? 

We can't give a proper answer right now, which should give you an 
indication that we are not actively planning any release. When we can 
add enough value to justify a whole 0.1 increment, and we can decide 
what exactly 1.0 means (finished? perfect?) then we'll release.

But don't hold your breath.

> I know, someone was going to ask it at some point. I'm also
> having to rebuild all the eggs from source as opposed to included
> binaries. I was under the impression that setuptools did that already
> but could someone please confirm.

Never being an upstream person, I was under the impression that src was 
binary, cause well its just python. The only exception is the 
translations, and those are built and installed by the dist-utils 
script. I think this is not the same as setuptools, and it is the way 
ubuntu does it, which is the only distro package system I have had any 
experience with.


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