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Am Freitag, 28. März 2008 21:51:41 schrieb Daniel Holt:
> I think most people with two buttons map some combination to middle mouse
> button, e.g. LMB+RMB. I actually didn't think they even made any mice with
> fewer than three buttons in the last decade (other than for Macs, of
> course). With laptops, don't they generally have either a middle mouse
> button or a part of the other buttons (e.g. the very insides) that acts as
> a middle button?
Laptops (at least the ones I know) don't generally have a middle mouse button. 
They do usually have some kind of scroll wheel thingy but I haven't seen a 
third mouse button there for ages.
Sure, some people will use Emulate3Buttons active... What's the default 
behaviour on Ubuntu in this regard if you only have two buttons?


PS: Great to see at least some movement around here ;o) I had almost given up 

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