Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting on Sunday. There was a great 
  lively discussion and we decided a good list of improvements for the 
next release.

First we decided that we will release about 2 weeks before the Ubuntu 
freeze. This means it will probably be before the 14th of August, 2008.
There may be a chance of a release before then. It was suggested that 
there be a 0.9.1 release to get the current bug fixes out there for 
distros other than Ubuntu.

However an extra release would require someone to step up and make it 
happen. My feeling is that if it does happen it will probably be too 
late to be called 0.9.1 and instead should be 0.10 beta. Currently my 
focus is implementing those features which I have already started coding.

For this upcoming release there is absolutely no chance of the dates 
slipping. All of these features must be completed before the end of July 
or they will be _deleted_ from the release version. The release is more 
important that the features, and they will be dropped if necessary.

Here is the list of fixes and features scheduled for 0.10:
* Auto save project recovery. Constant or very frequent auto saving to 
an alternate location do allow project recovery when Jokosher starts up 
from a crash. Elleo has volunteered to take charge of this bug.

* Accurate levels with more efficient backend to save levels to disk. I 
have already committed this to SVN, and it is just waiting on a few bug 
fixes and integration with the audio fades. This also was designed to be 
easily extendable for multi channel audio waveforms in the future. I 
(laszlok) have taken responsibility for this fix.

* Change the obnoxious error dialog boxes to be passive yellow bars like 
in Gedit or Firefox. They will appear on the top of the recording view. 
david_corrales has offered to be in charge of this, although being a 
very visible feature it will no doubt benefit from everyone's help.

* Include a check when Jokosher launches to test if the sound card input 
is available and the sample rate works with it. If not we will use one 
of the new passive error messages to notify the user to change their 
settings. We may also extend the sample rate tester to allow the user to 
get a list of all their supported sample rates. I (laszlok) have already 
written a backend to detect this, but the GUI could easily become 
obtrusive. Everyone's input is needed for this one.

* It was decided that any project should be available as a template. 
When the template is loading, it is simply a copy of the project. 
Another meeting will decide the details of this feature and everyone 
will take part in implementing it as no one wants to take on the 

* david_corrales has volunteered to change the cancel loading icon on 
the events to match Firefox's stop downloading icon.

* pecisk has offered to be responsible for triaging and debugging the 
garbled audio and audio syncing bugs.

* I (laszlok) have accepted the challenge of fixing the broken mp3 
playback with Gnonlin, probably with the help of smart Gstreamer dudes.

Time to get hacking!
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