Hey, thanks Tom. It looks like a pretty good. Here are my comments:

1) Did anything change in EventViewer.py? It looks like just a space was 
added. Maybe you should revert that file.

2) It looks like you are using Eclipse which has generated a patch with 
absolute paths in it. This means when I try to apply it it cannot find 
/home/tom/ and I have to type all the paths manually. In the default SVN 
client doing an 'svn diff' will give you a patch with paths relative to 
the current directory like "Jokosher/EventViewer.py". I'm not sure how 
to do this in Eclipse, but it would be nice if you can.

3) What does the Dummy in DummySplitEvent() mean? Might consider 
changing the name to make it more clear. Would SplitEventOnSelection() 
make more sense?

4) In SplitEvent() there is some code for splitting the 
__fadePointsDict, so that if you have fade points on either side of the 
split point they will be transferred to the new events. I don't see any 
of that code in DummySplitEvent(). Has this been overlooked or did I 
miss something?

Thanks, Laszlo

Tom Halligan wrote:
> Posted this to Launchpad RE: Jokosher bug #85938 at 
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/jokosher/+bug/85938 , thought I'd send to the 
> mailing list too:
> Small patch going part of the way to resolving this bug - splitting, 
> cutting, copying, and deleting now works on a selection of an event 
> rather than the entire thing from the right-click context menu.
> These things still don't work from the edit menu, as Jokosher uses 
> seperate code for the two and I haven't got round to coding the edit 
> menu bits yet.
> Also, these things work on pretty much an aesthetic level only - copying 
> does not trim an event down to size properly (Looks ok, but plays the 
> whole event rather than the selected portion), and various other issues 
> related to other Jokosher bugs abound.
> It looks nicer though :)
> This patch was developed against Jokosher SVN from Revision 1512.
> Still finding my way around the Jokosher code - lots of things seem kind 
> of awkward, but that's for another discussion completely!
> Peace
> Tom
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