Jono Bacon wrote:
> Hi all,

Hi Jono! Nice to see you round here. :)

> I am here at the UDS and getting a significant amount of ushering
> towards recommending as our VCS. This might actually make sense - the
> deep Launchpad integration is pretty cool, and it seems a nice VCS. I
> am not hugely involved in the project right now, so its not my
> decision to make, but what do we think? Also, moving away from
> may be a wise idea.

I already use Bazaar, and I can verify that it is extremely awesome. I 
checkout using bzr-svn, and can commit locally and push back to I was planning on pushing my branch to my launchpad 
account so others could view it, but I never got around to it.

Personally I think Bazaar is the best client, but SVN is the best 
server. The SVN server is most mature, etc, and the only thing it 
doesn't do well is renaming. Bazaar has a lot of cool distributed 
features, but since we need one 'official' branch that we release from, 
it has to be centralized, so Bazaar or SVN doesn't really matter.

However I am not totally aware of the advantages of having Bzr as your 
server, there may be something important that I am not aware of.

As for, I think only Jono has has any contact with the 
people running the site, and Jono is never around. This non-transparency 
gives me the feeling somewhere else might be better, but it has worked 
so far and the trac site works well. Other than that our wiki is there, 
so there would be a lot of stuff to move over if we did. As a sidenote, 
does launchpad have a trac-style revision timeline?:

This is the most important part of our website to me, and neither 
sourceforge or googlecode offers it, so I wonder if launchpad does. Ever 
try tracking down a gstreamer commit? -- its painful without a trac web 

And finally, those paying attention might have noticed we just got a 
patch from Tom who is using Eclipse. I don't think the current Bazaar 
plugin for Eclipse is stable enough for general use, but I could be 
wrong. I would like to hear from anyone who doesn't use the command line 
interface for svn and see what they thing.

> Robert Collins, a core bzr contributor has also vowed to personally
> help with the migration if needed.

We love your community connections, Jono. Now I remember why we keep you 
around ;)

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