IMO shrinking the instrument is exactly the same as increasing the size of the event because it is all relative. Currently we have 77px height for the event, but this is entirely arbitrary.

Also I think the popup volume widget that totem uses would be good for saving space. This widget is now part of gtk since 2.12.


Tom Halligan wrote:
Well, I guess the most obvious alternative is to just place the volume slider above the buttons, but again this still adds space. One solution would be to shrink the instrument image so that the overall space is identical to the space taken up before the volume slider was included, but I imagine that's not an ideal solution :S

On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 12:37 AM, Laszlo Pandy <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> wrote:

    Thanks for the patch Tom. This is really well done, and I think it
    serves a good purpose because currently the volume control is not as
    discoverable as it could be.

    However right now the volume slider is underneath the buttons, which
    looks a little weird. Previously the buttons were at the bottom and
    they formed a nice straight line along the bottom of the instrument
    header. Also it makes the instrument lanes a little bigger; bigger
    than the events are. This is not as big a problem, we can certainly
    resize the height of the events if we need to.

    I want everyone to take a look at the screenshot:

    Any suggestions for where else we could put it?

    (I think there was previously a bug for having a recording monitor
    vertically against the right side of the header, but a volume slider
    requires more width and height than that).


    Tom Halligan wrote:

        Coded against SVN Revision 1519

        Updated version of the instrument volume slider patch. The
        volume slider is now part of the ControlsBox. When creating the
        controls box, you should add a 'includeVolumeSlider=True' to the
        parameters. For example, the code used in is:

           self.controlsBox =

        This means the volume slider is an optional control (for
        example, the mixer strip omits the volume slider for obvious



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