Personally, I've never liked the ScaleButton / VolumeButton. The beef I have
with it, primarily, is that it's a popup, and just kind of looks untidy, and
looks a bit of a hack, even if it's a real GTK widget. I just think the
appearance of it doesn't fit with the overall 'cleanliness' and simplicity
that Jokosher is going for. The popup behaviour isn't an issue with, say,
the volume control in the Gnome system tray - but in Jokosher it obscures
other stuff, and kind of detracts from the polish, so to speak. There's also
no way of telling the volume at a glance - at the very least you have to
mouse over the widget and see what the tooltip gives you. This isn't great
for an audio editor.

What I'm thinking would be best would be some kind of widget with the
following behaviour:
Left click: Volume control - ideally one simple movement, such as click and
drag (for example, the slider we have now). The ScaleButton can do this, but
falls short in other areas.
Right click: Mute.
Middle click (or Ctrl + left click): Center the volume (100%).
There should also be a visual way of telling the volume at a quick glance
(or at least a fairly accurate approximation).

I'm not completely against using the ScaleButton - but I think it would be
much better if it at least looked like it was part of the InstrumentViewer
rather than floating on top of it (and thus obscuring other stuff).

Maybe the easiest solution would be to use a small, horizontal VUWidget
rather than the current volume slider? Although this doesn't solve the space
issue - it would at least be more intuitive as a volume control, and also
doubles up as a level monitor. The mute functionality could be incorporated
into this, so then we'd just have three buttons to deal with.

Another option, although a lot more work than the above, would be to
implement a rotating 'dial' widget (like those used in FruityLoops, for
example). This would look out of place with Jokosher, though - and I don't
think many people honestly like these things anyway, so probably best to
avoid it.

I do think a sliding control is still the best option, but I guess to some,
the horizontal slider would remind them of a pan control. However, the
slider's 'groove' (Or whatever you want to call it) does become shaded to
the left of the slider handle, which does suggest some kind of 'increase' as
we move towards the right, rather than just a left vs right balance. Perhaps
if we could make it more obvious that it was a volume control somehow -
although I don't think the confusion between volume and pan would be
anything serious, even for people used to such a thing. A fixed, vertical
slider could be the easiest way around the space issue, although this
obviously means something else would have to be compromised.


From: "Jeff Ratliff" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> To:
> Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 08:33:07 -0400
> Subject: Re: [jokosher-devel] [PATCH] InstrumentViewer volume slider patch
> (SVN Rev. 1519)
> Sorry, don't think I sent this to the list:
> The volume slider in this position makes the think of a pan control,
> not a volume control. This comes from my experience with physical
> sound boards though, and a novice may not have this problem.
> You could do a volume icon that pops up a volume slider, a la
> rhythmbox and others. If you were really clever, you could find a way
> to integrate it with the mute button and take up no additional space.
> This is less discoverable though, and would really rely on a good
> descriptive icon, or a little mini popup arrow thingy (excuse my
> advanced technical jargon). :)
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