I do like the mockup - maybe a little polish would be needed, but it
does the job. I don't really like the way it looks as if it's just
drawn on top of the InstrumentViewer, rather than an actual feature of
it, but that's just nit-picking.

I found this: 

Did you ever get a response? I'm not that up to date on gstreamer
itself so I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for there - but since
Jokosher has a VUWidget anyway, am I right in assuming that the
problem is fixed? If so, we could just go ahead and try that patch,
maybe with a few alterations here and there (say, to include input
volume control, and track volume control when not armed to record?) -
see if people like it or not.

On 6/25/08, Laszlo Pandy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Tom Halligan wrote:
>> ....
>> Maybe the easiest solution would be to use a small, horizontal VUWidget
>> rather than the current volume slider? Although this doesn't solve the
>> space issue - it would at least be more intuitive as a volume control,
>> and also doubles up as a level monitor. The mute functionality could be
>> incorporated into this, so then we'd just have three buttons to deal with.
> See this bug from a *really long* time ago:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/jokosher/+bug/70351
> And the screenshot accompanying it:
> http://www.kryogenix.org/random/jokosher-vumeter.gif
>> Another option, although a lot more work than the above, would be to
>> implement a rotating 'dial' widget (like those used in FruityLoops, for
>> example). This would look out of place with Jokosher, though - and I
>> don't think many people honestly like these things anyway, so probably
>> best to avoid it.
> This is explicitly prohibited by the Jokosher way, as originally defined
> by Jono when he wrote about the stupidity and unusability of audio
> editors which try to be familiar by copying the mixer desk controls.
> They fail miserably because mixing desks were not meant for mouse
> manipulation.
> The prime example of this is the rotating dial because it is really easy
>   to control with your fingers when you have grasp and tactile feedback,
> but it is absolutely impossible to use when a mouse pointer.
>> I do think a sliding control is still the best option, but I guess to
>> some, the horizontal slider would remind them of a pan control. However,
>> the slider's 'groove' (Or whatever you want to call it) does become
>> shaded to the left of the slider handle, which does suggest some kind of
>> 'increase' as we move towards the right, rather than just a left vs
>> right balance. Perhaps if we could make it more obvious that it was a
>> volume control somehow - although I don't think the confusion between
>> volume and pan would be anything serious, even for people used to such a
>> thing. A fixed, vertical slider could be the easiest way around the
>> space issue, although this obviously means something else would have to
>> be compromised.
>> Tom
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>>     patch (SVN Rev. 1519)
>>     Sorry, don't think I sent this to the list:
>>     The volume slider in this position makes the think of a pan control,
>>     not a volume control. This comes from my experience with physical
>>     sound boards though, and a novice may not have this problem.
>>     You could do a volume icon that pops up a volume slider, a la
>>     rhythmbox and others. If you were really clever, you could find a way
>>     to integrate it with the mute button and take up no additional space.
>>     This is less discoverable though, and would really rely on a good
>>     descriptive icon, or a little mini popup arrow thingy (excuse my
>>     advanced technical jargon). :)
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