I've come around, and I really think I would like to use Bazaar now.
Particularly the advantage of having feature branches seems like it
would be really useful. During the last few months of development
there have been some architectural changes which are broke a lot of
things. This made it more difficult to apply others' patches.

It was Mark Shuttleworth's talk at the Ottawa Linux Symposium which
reminded me what the point of the distributed version control is all
about. His talk was actually about synchronized time based release,
but we can leave that for another day. Right now I would like to be
able to keep features out of trunk until they are complete.

We are about to freeze, and release sometime this month. I would like
to move over to Bazaar right after that. Jono can we use your
connections to get us some Bazaar help for the end of August?

I am assuming no one will object to this since there weren't many
comments when Jono started this idea.

Since we will be hosting code on launchpad now, we will have to decide
what to do with the wiki on python hosting. Is next sunday a good day
for everyone to have a freeze meeting and wiki discussion?

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