The main Jokosher repository previously located on python-hosting[1] has now been moved to Launchpad. I performed the conversion last night with the help of Bazaar hacker Robert Collins. Once I figured out how to make it split each SVN branch up separately the conversion went smoothly.

As of right now, all the code in SVN is hosted on Launchpad. Please *do not* commit to SVN; it is now considered deprecated. To get the main Jokosher branch run the command:
    bzr branch lp:jokosher

This will checkout the trunk branch, and has the same effect as the previous SVN checkout command did. If you are used to following the main development this is the command to use. To update your code with the main branch as you would with 'svn update' use the following command:
    bzr pull

The main branch is registered under the launchpad team jokosher-code. Only the members of that team can push changes into the main branch, however even those members should not always push changes directly to the main branch. You should create your own branch for regular development (you can create a new one for each feature/bug if you like) and store it on launchpad like so:
    bzr branch lp:jokosher
    cd jokosher
    bzr launchpad-login laszlok2
    bzr push lp:~laszlok2/jokosher/devel

There are instructions how to add an SSH key to launchpad and login using bazaar on launchpad[2].

Those commands will create a branch named "devel" which is stored on launchpad. Because it is under my username "laszlok2" only I can commit to it. When your feature or bug is complete, use the "Propose for merging into another branch" link on launchpad, or send a mail to the mailing list requesting it to be merged.

This method has the huge advantage that it can be done by anyone. Even if you don't have an SVN account, and we have never heard of you, you can still branch and start committing your changes to your branch. Later when you have something impressive to show us we can merge your branch into main.

You can see all the present branches on the Jokosher page on launchpad[2]. You will see that there are branches for releases 0.1, 0.2, 0.9 and Elleo-SoC. Theses are exact copies of the folders in JonoEdit/branches/ from SVN.

Also there is a jokosher-art branch which corresponds to the jokosher-art folder in SVN, but I don't think anyone uses that anymore. The gst-chansplit and jokosher-extra folders have been abandoned, although they remain in SVN for anyone who wants them.

Hope everyone gets quickly aquainted with the productive features of Bazaar and that the change to distributed versioning isn't too much to handle. If you have any questions, or if it is unclear please let me know.


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