Sounds good - haven't been able to actually do anything on Jokosher for a
while as I'm doing some freelance IT support and web dev for people, but
I'll be sure to check it out when I get a block of free time!


2008/8/9 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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> Today's Topics:
>   1. Bazaar+Launchpad repository convertion complete (Laszlo Pandy)
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> From: Laszlo Pandy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2008 13:14:42 -0400
> Subject: [jokosher-devel] Bazaar+Launchpad repository convertion complete
> The main Jokosher repository previously located on python-hosting[1] has
> now been moved to Launchpad. I performed the conversion last night with the
> help of Bazaar hacker Robert Collins. Once I figured out how to make it
> split each SVN branch up separately the conversion went smoothly.
> As of right now, all the code in SVN is hosted on Launchpad. Please *do
> not* commit to SVN; it is now considered deprecated. To get the main
> Jokosher branch run the command:
>    bzr branch lp:jokosher
> This will checkout the trunk branch, and has the same effect as the
> previous SVN checkout command did. If you are used to following the main
> development this is the command to use. To update your code with the main
> branch as you would with 'svn update' use the following command:
>    bzr pull
> The main branch is registered under the launchpad team jokosher-code. Only
> the members of that team can push changes into the main branch, however even
> those members should not always push changes directly to the main branch.
> You should create your own branch for regular development (you can create a
> new one for each feature/bug if you like) and store it on launchpad like so:
>    bzr branch lp:jokosher
>    cd jokosher
>    bzr launchpad-login laszlok2
>    bzr push lp:~laszlok2/jokosher/devel
> There are instructions how to add an SSH key to launchpad and login using
> bazaar on launchpad[2].
> Those commands will create a branch named "devel" which is stored on
> launchpad. Because it is under my username "laszlok2" only I can commit to
> it. When your feature or bug is complete, use the "Propose for merging into
> another branch" link on launchpad, or send a mail to the mailing list
> requesting it to be merged.
> This method has the huge advantage that it can be done by anyone. Even if
> you don't have an SVN account, and we have never heard of you, you can still
> branch and start committing your changes to your branch. Later when you have
> something impressive to show us we can merge your branch into main.
> You can see all the present branches on the Jokosher page on launchpad[2].
> You will see that there are branches for releases 0.1, 0.2, 0.9 and
> Elleo-SoC. Theses are exact copies of the folders in JonoEdit/branches/ from
> SVN.
> Also there is a jokosher-art branch which corresponds to the jokosher-art
> folder in SVN, but I don't think anyone uses that anymore. The gst-chansplit
> and jokosher-extra folders have been abandoned, although they remain in SVN
> for anyone who wants them.
> Hope everyone gets quickly aquainted with the productive features of Bazaar
> and that the change to distributed versioning isn't too much to handle. If
> you have any questions, or if it is unclear please let me know.
> Laszlo
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