revno: 1053
committer: Mike Sheldon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
branch nick: jokosher
timestamp: Tue 2008-08-26 00:25:15 +0100
  Merge changes from Laszlo's branch to:
  * Make project relocation work better (might still need to look at removing 
the saving of projectfile)

When I originally did that commit I *did* remove "projectfile" from the list of attributes that will be saved, because as with audio_path and levels_path it is created based on the loading URL in ProjectManager.py, LoadProjectFile().

However I had to revert it because a crash recover uses the "projectfile" attribute to determine where the saved file was originally saved from. I can't think of an immediate solution, but you probably have a better perspective on the crash recovery. Right now I think its fine. Kinda like how the event has an attribute called filelabel which isn't where the file really exists, but where it was copied from so we can display the name for the user.

We should reset the project.projectfile variable from the one we generated, instead of the one from the file because it is put in the recent project list, and Jokosher will eventually try to save to that path and fail.

  * Fix problems between the levels data and the fade points
  * Update the system-wide launcher script to match the local launcher script
  * Update setup.py to distribute the new Elements
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