The new GEdit-style error panes which are going to replace the annoying
"Argh!" popup dialogs in Jokosher are just about complete.

If you don't know what I'm talking about take a look here:

In the screenshot the "Jokosher Errors" dialog is also visible. This is
opened when the user clicks "Show All" on the bottom error pane. Any
suggestions on look and feel, button labels and button placement are
very welcome.

As I mentioned this feature is fully implemented, but before I hand it
over to our resident Merge Master General (Elleo) it would be nice to
have some people test it.

You can download the code with the following command:
bzr branch lp:~laszlok/jokosher/error-pane

Then run it with two commands:
cd error-pane

If you have trouble triggering errors, try setting the audio playback to
PulseAudio in Jokosher preferences, then doing a 'killall pulseaudio'
and then telling Jokosher to play (be careful; this will also cause all
apps currently playing music to freeze and crash).


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