0.11 release will happen in two weeks (and a few days).

If there are no comments this should be merged soon, especially because
this feature contains some new strings to be translated. I there is now
a message on the lower error pane telling the user how to report a bug.
Other than that it is the same as shown in the screenshot.

Elleo: please review and merge, review should be quick there are only a
few commits since I sent the last mail.


2009/1/21 Laszlo Pandy <laszl...@gmail.com>:
> The new GEdit-style error panes which are going to replace the annoying
> "Argh!" popup dialogs in Jokosher are just about complete.
> If you don't know what I'm talking about take a look here:
> http://laszlopandy.com/files/jokosher-error-pane.png
> In the screenshot the "Jokosher Errors" dialog is also visible. This is
> opened when the user clicks "Show All" on the bottom error pane. Any
> suggestions on look and feel, button labels and button placement are
> very welcome.
> As I mentioned this feature is fully implemented, but before I hand it
> over to our resident Merge Master General (Elleo) it would be nice to
> have some people test it.
> You can download the code with the following command:
> bzr branch lp:~laszlok/jokosher/error-pane
> Then run it with two commands:
> cd error-pane
> Jokosher/Jokosher
> If you have trouble triggering errors, try setting the audio playback to
> PulseAudio in Jokosher preferences, then doing a 'killall pulseaudio'
> and then telling Jokosher to play (be careful; this will also cause all
> apps currently playing music to freeze and crash).
> Thanks,
> Laszlo
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