I have fixed up a few more things in the crash recovery system such as
Now it won't wait until after the recording completes to log the
action. ie. If Jokosher
crashes while recording, everything recorded up to that point will
still be recovered.

I have put in a message area to prompt for recovery. I would just like to see if
anyone has comments on the message presented to users:

Also it is perfectly fine if the user ignores the dialog and doesn't
click close. Once
they start working on the project and moving events/instruments, etc the message
area will disappear on its own (since we can't recover a project after its been
changed without destroying the users work).

So this feature is ready to be merged.
Any comments?


2009/2/9 Stuart Langridge <s...@kryogenix.org>:
> On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 1:53 AM, Laszlo Pandy <laszl...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Undo history has always persisted over saving. I believe infinite undo
>> history was one of the requirements in the original jonoedit spec[1].
> doh, sorry, not sure why I wrote saving, 'cos I already knew that
> (wrote the spec with Jono, remember :))
>> And yes, undo *does* persist over crashing simply because when you
>> replay the recovery log, all the actions still register themselves with
>> the undo manager. There is one difference which relates to atomic undo
>> actions however.
>> Currently if you add 5 instruments at once, and then hit undo, all 5
>> will disappear because this is an atomic action. But if you add 5
>> instruments, and then crash, after you recover you will have to hit undo
>> 5 times to remove all instruments. Atomic actions don't remain atomic
>> over crashes, but I will probably figure out a way to solve this in the
>> future (likely not for this release though).
> Excellent! I admit that non-atomic stuff is inconvenient, but it's a
> minor inconvenience by comparison with actually having all this
> working...
> sil
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