Here I sit, at my computer in my house in the capital of Canada, trying
to get another Jokosher feature finished on time. I look up at my
calendar; the entire month of February is blank, except for one day.

The 19th of February, 2009.

I see three items crammed into the square for today:
 * Ubuntu Jaunty Feature Freeze
 * Jokosher 0.11 Release
 * Obama's visit to Ottawa, Canada

It is obvious that the first caused the second. Is the third just a
coincidence? After months of work, 0.11 is finished. I cross the
two first two points off my calendar. The only thing left to do is wait.


On behalf of all the Jokosher developers, testers and IRC lurkers,
I am very pleased to announce the next Jokosher release:
       Jokosher 0.11 "Waiting for Obama"

Download the tarball here:

There are a few things which need to be done tomorrow:
 * Bug dholbach to upload .deb to Jaunty.
 * Create new screenshot for front page.
 * Update download page with tarball and .deb once its been created.
 * Write a list of new features and fixes to put on the download page,
 and in the release description on Launchpad. See[1] for a list of
 fixes/features which were implemented.
 * Test, test, test! It will only be a few weeks until 0.11.1. This is the
  last change to get fixes into Jaunty. Any bugs that need to be fixed
  must be reported very soon.

Thanks everyone,

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