I have updated the download page at jokosher.org/download. It has the
tarball and the .deb Elleo created. Both files are hosted on

I am currently working on a blog entry in the form of the previous
"Jokosher Update" which willl go through all the changes we have made
for 0.11.

What we need is:
a) A clever title for the main page. Something better than the current
"Jokosher 0.10 is here!".
b) A screenshot 400x400 making Jokosher 0.11 look cool. Should
probably have many waveforms and some with volume fades like the
current screenshot does. That looks more exciting than an empty
c) Optionally a little blurb to go below the screenshot which says
something about the release.

Here are the list of all changes for 0.11, most of which I intend to
talk about in the blog entry:
* Crash recovery
* Non-modal error panes
* Blue waveforms, no green BPM
* Add Change Sound System button
* Remove Project menu
* XDG directories
* Project notes
* UI fixes (edit instrument name focus, playhead drawing, move zoom buttons)
* Better multi channel recording support
* Custom audio backend, plus support for JACK and PulseAudio
* Click track volume

Any good ideas for the main page?

2009/2/19 Laszlo Pandy <laszl...@gmail.com>:
> Here I sit, at my computer in my house in the capital of Canada, trying
> to get another Jokosher feature finished on time. I look up at my
> calendar; the entire month of February is blank, except for one day.
> The 19th of February, 2009.
> I see three items crammed into the square for today:
>  * Ubuntu Jaunty Feature Freeze
>  * Jokosher 0.11 Release
>  * Obama's visit to Ottawa, Canada
> It is obvious that the first caused the second. Is the third just a
> coincidence? After months of work, 0.11 is finished. I cross the
> two first two points off my calendar. The only thing left to do is wait.
> ***
> On behalf of all the Jokosher developers, testers and IRC lurkers,
> I am very pleased to announce the next Jokosher release:
>       Jokosher 0.11 "Waiting for Obama"
> Download the tarball here:
>       https://launchpad.net/jokosher/0.11/0.11
> There are a few things which need to be done tomorrow:
>  * Bug dholbach to upload .deb to Jaunty.
>  * Create new screenshot for Jokosher.org front page.
>  * Update download page with tarball and .deb once its been created.
>  * Write a list of new features and fixes to put on the download page,
>  and in the release description on Launchpad. See[1] for a list of
>  fixes/features which were implemented.
>  * Test, test, test! It will only be a few weeks until 0.11.1. This is the
>  last change to get fixes into Jaunty. Any bugs that need to be fixed
>  must be reported very soon.
> Thanks everyone,
> Laszlo
> [1] 
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/jokosher/+bugs?field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.status%3Alist=FIXRELEASED&field.milestone%3Alist=1864
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