Devs haven't made use of the python hosting wiki[1] in a while.
Most stuff there is outdated, including the bug tracker and SVN repository. was always intended to be official user facing stuff, and
that should stay the same even though I don't think any documentation
work is happening. looks to be the best place to continue little things
like installation or debugging guides, as well as to put information for
development of new features, etc. We don't do this very often anymore
but occasionally we need a place to organize links and ideas for the devs.

So I will start using userdocs for dev stuff. If anyone feels like taking over
documentation they can decide what to do with

I have two questions:
 * Can I get admin access on JeffRatliff and dennisl
   are the only current admins[2].

 * Does either Jono or Aq know why that server is so slow? userdocs would
   be easier to use if it didn't take so long to load.


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