Thanks for the quick response.
Good job cleaning up the spam.

2009/3/2 Jeff Ratliff <>:
> 2009/3/2 Laszlo Pandy <>:
>> I have two questions:
>>  * Can I get admin access on JeffRatliff and dennisl
>>   are the only current admins[2].
> I've just added you to the AdminGroup page. That should give you more
> access. If there's something you need to do and can't let me know and
> I'll look into it. There are certain things only Aq can do because he
> has Superuser access.
>>  * Does either Jono or Aq know why that server is so slow? userdocs would
>>   be easier to use if it didn't take so long to load.
> Two reasons. 1) I'm currently deleting spam. Everytime I refresh
> RecentChanges it loads the server. That's probably a good bit of it.
> 2) Moin is just slow. It's possible to tune it by using FastCGI or
> mod_python, etc on the server side. I've never done it, but It might
> be worth looking into if Aq is up to beating his head against the Moin
> docs. I'd be glad to help if I can. My home installation (running a
> newer version of Moin on a newer version of Debian) is only marginally
> faster.
> --
> Jeff Ratliff (Gomer_X)
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