2009/3/12 Jeff Ratliff <jef...@gmail.com>:
> My googling shows most people switch from MoinMoin to MediaWiki
> because Moin is limited to about 32000 pages. I don't see us every
> getting anywhere near these limits.
> If we're just trying to improve speed, I don't think switching
> software is the answer. It's pretty easy to reconfigure what we've got
> to make it faster.
> We'd need some other reasons to switch to justify the work. Also
> MediaWiki lacks significant features that we use (like ACLs and
> Docbook support).
> 2009/3/12 Laszlo Pandy <laszl...@gmail.com>:
>> I was gonna suggest mediawiki too, but I thought it would be too much
>> trouble to setup yet another wiki.

I would also second Jeff - MoinMoin performance is easily improvable
with fastcgi version (as I use it in my work). If someone need real
life administrator's support to set up it,
feel free to write me/ping me trough Google Talk.

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