Hey everyone,

I've posted a new blog about what I've been up to in the first official week of 

I've pasted it below for ease of reading but you can find it in it's html glory 
at : http://redache.wordpress.com/

So the Summer of Code has officially begun and I’ve been doing a few things 
this week (as well as finishing my final exam(yay!)).

I’ve been working on writing a GStreamer source element for the MusicXML 
generator that will allow me to send the generated MusicXML to a GStreamer 
Pipeline. FIlesrc isn’t suitable as I don’t want to load the file every time I 
want the MusicXML to play. I’ve been having a little difficulty getting the 
Source Element to work as there isn’t much information on how the Python 
GStreamer bindings are used in the context of creating elements. I found a post 
on the Pitivi wiki that explains some of the basics but isn’t solely based on 
Source Elements. I’ve been reading the C tutorials for GStreamer as well to try 
and learn as much as I can about GStreamer and how it interacts with the 
plugins, which should help me understand how to get things working better.

So most of this week has been spent reading Tutorials and Source Code for other 
GStreamer Source Elements (like audiotestsrc) and trying to transfer those 
concepts over to Python. I’m nearly finished with the Source Element I just 
need to figure out how I can pass the data buffer back out into the pipeline, 
which is the only part I’ve really had issue with. Hopefully I’ll get that done 
as soon as possible and I can start working on integrating what I have so far 
into the Jokosher code base and at some point soon starting on a basic UI.

Thanks for reading,
David Williams
Project: Extending Jokosher to include a Musical Notation Editor.
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