Hi Everyone,

Below is my fifth weekly report and a link to the blog post[1]. 

I'm really disappointed this week as I haven't achieved much at all as
I've spent a lot of the week trying to figure out how things need to
connect together (and I'm still working on figuring it out). Hopefully
I'll have more to show next week.


What I've achieved this week:

This week I've been working on learning Cairo and trying to add the new
instrument type needed for Scores to Jokosher. This is harder than I
first thought it would be and my progress has slowed to a crawl as I
slowly try and figure out how everything connects together. I'm
disappointed that I don't have at least a stave working with a new Score
instrument but I always knew that this part would be difficult as a lot
of the work is modifying existing code to work with a new ScoreViewer
class which will handle all the UI stuff for the Scores. I'm slightly
ahead of the schedule that I included with my GSoC application, but I'm
still frustrated with the lack of progress that I've been having the
last 2 weeks.

What I plan to do next week:

I plan to try and have Score tracks working correctly in the context of
the EventLaneViewer, with hopefully some work starting on adding user
editable elements to the Cairo code.

What I've learned this week:

How Cairo works (mostly) and that GUI code can be really frustrating if
you spend hours trying to get something to work and it still doesn't.
Patience is obviously an important thing for coding and I need to have
more of it. I also need to plan more so I don't end up getting lost in
code and have no idea what's going on!.

I hope that I have something concrete to show for my work by the end of
next week.

[1] - http://wp.me/pjdJf-2h

Thanks for reading,

David Williams,
Extending Jokosher to include a score editor.

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