There was a session at UDS last week entitled "Ubuntu One In-App Collaboration".

It was decided that Jokosher should be the application which
demonstrates the potential for integration with Ubuntu One, and blazes
the trail so that all the pieces are in place to make it easy for
other applications to integrate. See the full notes[1] for details.

I agreed to make this happen in Jokosher, and the Ubuntu One team has
offered their support to figure out how to make it work. Apparently
most, if not all of the necessary pieces are already implemented in
Ubuntu One.

My plans (work in progress):

I probably won't be able to get the implementation going for another
few weeks. In the meantime I am planning it out on that wiki page.

I am not terribly familiar with CouchDB, so that part probably needs
to be thought out a bit more. Novacut has some interesting ideas for
this. They have some documentation[2] but most of it seems to be
scattered, or not linked from anywhere.

Stuart: there are a few questions about Ubuntu One I have put on the
bottom of the wiki page[2]. If you could answer them on the page that
would be great.

Jono also mentioned in the session that he would coordinate a meeting
online (maybe on Skype) to plan this out sometime with the Ubuntu One
folks. Hopefully we can find some time for that soon.

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