i am trying to minimize the usage of the ipv4 addresses by assigning to
the users only ipv6 and nat64-ing them to the internet. (the final goal
would be to assign routable ipv4 only to those users who really need
them and pay them as an extra service; the normal users who don't have
specific requirements will only receive an ipv6 address and get nat64
for the only-ipv4 destinations.

before i start i have a few questions regarding the jool features
(please excuse if they are too trivial, I am new in this knowledge area):

- is the setup above feasible for networks with several thousand users
(between 5-10k)

- is there a latency induced for throughputs of more than a gb ?

- exists the possibility of defining a pool of ipv4 addresses when
nat64-ing and not doing 1-to-1 specific rules ?



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