ok, solved myself. Using jooq 3.8 is possible to pass to record.insert(xx) 
a Collection, so this method do the work of removing identity
preserving all fields except identity

Identity<?, ?> identity=rec.getTable().getIdentity();
return Stream.of(rec.fields())

Il giorno giovedì 13 ottobre 2016 17:27:53 UTC+2, Denis Miorandi ha scritto:
> Hi,
>       I'm using dslCtx.createNewRecord(TABLE) to create a record, mapping 
> from my objectgraph (not jooq pojos) to jooq record. Record is an 
> UpdatableRecord with IDENTITY.
> Issue is my mapper map also KEY/IDENTITY that is null so operation that is 
> an insert (due to null key) fail cause jooq specify ID on an identity table.
> Question is modify my mapper the only way (avoiding to place identity 
> field on record if value is null) or
> are there some other way to do automatically before record.insert(), i.e. 
> removing identity field from record?
> All in all can I remove a field from jooq record?
> Denis

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