On Monday, February 19, 2018 at 2:04:52 AM UTC-8, Lukas Eder wrote:

>> So, given a query that should return only a single "main" object, with 
>> one or more children, is there a good way for jOOQ to represent that, 
>> without returning a structure that assumes multiple "parent" objects the 
>> way that Map does. I hope that is a clearer expression of what I'm looking 
>> for.
> Oh, I see now. Thanks for clarifying. Now that you put it this way, it 
> does make a lot of sense indeed.
> So, in addition to calling fetchGroups() which returns a Map<K, List<V>> 
> type, you would like to be able to call a fetchGroup() method, which 
> fetches a single group only (throwing an exception if there would be more 
> than one group) of the type Map.Entry<K, List<V>>. Is that correct?
Yes, that should work fine. Thanks for considering this as a feature.


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