Thanks for the great product!

I am trying to do "upsert" (insert on duplicate key update) while still 
returning ID for the row.

This is my table:

create table test_on_duplicate_key_update (
  id bigint not null primary key auto_increment,

  a varchar(255) not null,

  b varchar(255)

This is how I perform regular insert (Kotlin):

val p = jooq.newRecord(Tables.TEST_ON_DUPLICATE_KEY_UPDATE)
p.a = "a0"
p.b = "b0"
// p.id is available here

Now for "upsert", what I do is:

val p = TestOnDuplicateKeyUpdateRow()
p.a = "a1"
p.b = "b1"
// p.id is null :-(

What is the idiomatic way to do this? 

I am using:

- Jooq 3.10.6



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