Le 10/02/2014 21:13, Adam Arold a écrit :
Today I tried out one of the examples at the "Getting Started" page:

  // Load 2 text documents
   File f1 = *new *File("template/ooo2flyer_p1.odt");
   OOSingleXMLDocument p1 = OOSingleXMLDocument.createFromPackage(f1);

   File f2 = *new *File("template/ooo2flyer_p2.odt");
   OOSingleXMLDocument p2 = OOSingleXMLDocument.createFromPackage(f2);

   // Concatenate them

   // Save to file and Open the document with OpenOffice.org !
   OOUtils.open(p1.saveToPackageAs(*new *File("cat")));

This code is not working. It generates an output file, opens it but the
result file does not contain anything from the file in the f2 reference.
What could be the problem? I'm using the (recommended) 1.3 version of


I've just downloaded the jar from the website, and ran the sample and the generated file did have 2 pages. Check the jar and the templates you're using.



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