I have run into an oddity, having done some searching I can not find 
mention of.

I have a large spreadsheet that is created very similar to the example 
"getting started", where I use a TableModel.   The spreadsheet has 5 
columns, and aproximately 8000 rows.

The data is saved 100% correctly in the resulting spreadsheet file.

I wrote code to set the background colors of certain rows (cells that make 
up those rows anyway) as follows:

if ( c.getBackground() != null ) {
                try {
                    sheet.getCellAt( getCellName( c ) ).setBackgroundColor( 
c.getBackground() );
                } catch ( Exception e ) {

where c is a custom cell proxy class that holds a (column/row/text 
value/background color) internally, that i am iterating over a list of.

The background color c.getBackground() is absolutely not null.

The function getCellName()   is a custom function designed to return a 
proper spreadsheet name for a given row and column  e.g.  "A101", 
"AZ2300",  etc.    
This function is absolutely returning the proper cell designator.  
Moreover, printing the content of the cells returned, exactly matches as 
expected... so I have the proper cells.

So what is my problem?

This code block functions 100% correctly up until around row 4100 or so.... 
the next row that i try to set background color on some of the cells, it 
throws the following error:

org.jdom.IllegalDataException: The data "null" is not legal for a JDOM 
attribute: A null is not a legal XML value.
    at org.jdom.Attribute.setValue(Attribute.java:491)
    at org.jdom.Attribute.<init>(Attribute.java:228)
    at org.jdom.Attribute.<init>(Attribute.java:205)
    at org.jdom.Element.setAttribute(Element.java:1159)
    at org.jopendocument.dom.StyleDesc.createElement(Unknown Source)
    at org.jopendocument.dom.StyleDesc.createAutoStyle(Unknown Source)
    at org.jopendocument.dom.StyleDesc.createAutoStyle(Unknown Source)
    at org.jopendocument.dom.StyledNode.getPrivateStyle(Unknown Source)
    at org.jopendocument.dom.spreadsheet.MutableCell.setBackgroundColor(
Unknown Source)

and after that point all subsequent invocations also result in this 
error.    If I try/catch this error and let the export process continue and 
save, the spread sheet comes out with all data intact correctly, and the 
first 1/2 or so of the document color coded properly... after which point 
no coloring takes effect.

I am wondering if I am hitting some sort of limit on the amount of rows or 
a hidden underlying limit in the xml that defines the document?  I'm not 
entirely sure what is coming up null in the process, vs any other previous 
invocation of the setBackgroundColor() method.




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