is there a function to change row styles, e.g., set the row-height?

I'm currently using the following patch on top of jOpenDocument-1.4rc2
in order to work on RowStyle rowStyle = 
or call sheet.getRow(index).setStyleName(rowStyleName).

diff --git a/src/org/jopendocument/dom/spreadsheet/Table.java 
--- a/src/org/jopendocument/dom/spreadsheet/Table.java
+++ b/src/org/jopendocument/dom/spreadsheet/Table.java
@@ -635,7 +635,7 @@ public class Table<D extends ODDocument> extends 
TableCalcNode<TableStyle, D> {
     // *** get count
-    final Row<D> getRow(int index) {
+    public final Row<D> getRow(int index) {
         return this.rows.get(index);

I don't see why org.jopendocument.dom.spreadsheet.Table.getRow(int)
should not be part of the public API just as 
org.jopendocument.dom.spreadsheet.Table.getColumn(int) is.




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