Le 14/05/2015 17:02, Fagner Souza a écrit :
Hi !
I'm brazilian, and that would explain the number of english errors in
this little text :D

It's working perfect. Now I need to put values with breaklines..

It's working, but the
char "newline" (\n\r or \r\n I never know...) don't create a newline
in the output ODT.

I check the "content.xml" file in the output file, and the newline
char isn't replaced by a tag for end+begin of the line...

Does anyone have any solution for this?


Fagner Souza


See my previous mail :

Le 13/01/2015 14:37, Fagner Sá de Souza a écrit :
> I'm using JavaScriptFileTemplate to fill some fields in documents setField.
> It is possible to put a new line in a field?

By default newlines are ignored, you should edit the field in LibreOffice and prefix it with "%enc:" see org.jopendocument.dom.template.engine.Processor



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