JWS Signature is the signature only. It does not repeat the payload.


Nat Sakimura

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Subject: [jose] Does JWS signature relate with JWS payload?

Hi. I'm Jin.

I have curious about JWS signatrue in JWT.

I already read the JWT spec inforation from 
But I'm still confusted about JWS signatrue contains or relate with JWS Payload 
value or not.

I knew that JWT contained with 3 part. (JOSE Header, JWS Payload, JWS Signatrue)

When I read the spec information.
I understood that JWS signature value doesn't contain the JWS payload value.

Am I right? Then how can I check data integrity based on JSW signature ?
(I guess I'm not right.)

I really want to solve my question but I can't reache the answers.

So please give me some advice.

Best regards,
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