there have been a couple of code submissions lately that add new entries to the tools menu:

#5563 - Unglue relation (by Kalle Lampila)
In a similar way that a single node is shared by 2 ways and you like to unglue it, there are sometimes 2 relations (e.g. multipolygon) that have the same object as member (e.g. the boundary way). This tool creates a private copy for each parent relation. (So in the example, the 2 multipolygon areas can be separated.)

#5577 - Add nodes on intersections action (by Upliner)
Used to create nodes at the intersections of the selected ways. This is already possible right now (double click on the intersection point) but this feature is kind of hidden and a side effect of "snap to way". On top of that, it is inconvenient for a larger grid of ways.

#5613 - Split Object Action (anonymous submission)
Split a closed way, but close both way parts at once. This could be useful e.g. for creating terraced buildings, subdividing landuse areas, etc.

We could add these directly to JOSM core, but (except for #5577) it may be hard to find a catchy name and a good icon such that even a newby user can understand what it does. My idea would be, to revive the tools plugin to provide these and similar specialized features for advanced use.


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