Dear JYs,
After a  long time that I am writing to this list.
Itís nice to see so many beautiful mails whenever Iím
opening my mailbox.  There were a lot of discussions
on different subjects and they were all good.
Last week I was reading the editorial in the Jan 20th
2002 issue of Sunday Shalom, the weekly news paper
from Shalom Trust. (For those who does not know about
Shalom, a few lines
Shalom Times is  one of the beautiful and excellent
Catholic/Charismatic malayalam magazines I have ever
seen. Other Shalom publications are Shalom Tidings -
English and Sunday Shalom. I think Mathew can talk
more about Shalom. The web site is It was mainly about newspaper
publications and how they are misleading the youth.
The editor was pointing to a Malayalam newspaper that
was started by Catholic Church and now is a public
limited company.  The editorial is about a publication
from this Newspaper group and itís a Cinema magazine!
I remember this magazine has started some 8 years back
when I was in 10 std and now itís the front-runner in
malayalam cinema magazines. It reached in this
position only by selling half-naked photos of film
artists.  The sad thing about this newspaper is that
about 90 % of the director board members are Catholics
-most of them are priests also. I request all of you
to read that editorial and think about what we can do
against this.
Another point I would like to add.
Most of the magazines are devilís work (Iím not
forgetting science and technical magazines and this
mail is not about them) and they are spreading evil
like anything.  There are good magazines also (like
Shalom). Here in Delhi I have seen a number of
catholic friends who does not even heard about
catholic magazines.   Friends, good catholic magazines
will help us to be with GodÖIím saying this from my
own experiences. I feel itís our responsibility to
introduce catholic magazines and websites to our
So think  and we may have a discussion on this topic.

Thanks in the name of Jesus
Sajith Antony
Gurgaon (Delhi)


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