Dear Joynetters,
Peace in Jesus name, Amen. 
 Are there not circumstances in our lives that make us
to wonder what to do. Several times we put in our best
in our families, in our working places and in other
areas of our lives to make things better, jet to no
avail. In some other occasions we have relied on men
to help us out but instead things become worst.
Doctors may have done their best to help us to cover
soundness of health, lawyers may have tried in vain to
help us win one case or the other and ministers of God
may have also fasted and pray that things may get
better, but it seems as though nothing has been done.
Whatever the case may be, leave it for God.
The word of the Lord tells us in Luke 1:37 that with
God all things are possible.
No matter how things are around you dont lose hope in
God, dont commit suicide or renouce your faith for
with God all things are possible.

Have you prayed about the issue? Do you believe that
God answers prayers? Do you have faith that He may
answer you? Then leave it for God. Give God time to
take care of the issue for he is abundantly able to
deliever and to save those who trust in Him.


Bro. Jude S.C.Asogwa

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