> I was trying the BlockUI plugin - we're about to implement it with one
> of our products at work. The current way that we do things doesn't
> display right in Linux (Firefox). (Actually, it doesn't display very
> well at all, which is why we're moving to BlockUI anyway.)
> It turns out that BlockUI still does a better job, but the overlay
> (the grayed-out background) doesn't appear at all. The dialogs still
> work fine, but it's harder to notice without a grayed background. I'm
> testing this in Fedora 10, using the default Firefox installation (up-
> to-date).
> Is there a way to get this to work?

Set the applyPlatformOpacityRules option to false.  You can alter the
defaults globally with one line of code like this:

$.blockUI.defaults.applyPlatformOpacityRules = false;


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