i was trying the width method whats get the width if the css property
width was declared or inherited.

but i was looking to get the exact width of the div, while not
specifying it in the CSS Style Properties.

as in the Width Jquery Documentation Example:

  <script src="";></script>


    function showWidth(ele, w) {
      $("div").text("The width for the " + ele +
                    " is " + w + "px.");
    $("#getp").click(function () {
      showWidth("paragraph", $("p").width());
    $("#getd").click(function () {
      showWidth("document", $(document).width());
    $("#getw").click(function () {
      showWidth("window", $(window).width());

  body { background:yellow; }
  button { font-size:12px; margin:2px; }
  p { border:1px red solid; }
  div { color:red; font-weight:bold;  }
  <button id="getp">Get Paragraph Width</button>
  <button id="getd">Get Document Width</button>
  <button id="getw">Get Window Width</button>
  <div> </div>
    Sample paragraph to test width

I remove the width of the p tag from style.
i got the width value of the p tag  equals to the Document Width and
Window Width.

while i need to get the exact width size of the content of the p tag
"in that case text".
get the width of the text included in the p tag.

Please, help me in that issue.

Shenouda Bertel

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