I believe the problem that you are experiencing is because IE6 has issues
when background images and opacity settings are adjusted.

I was doing something similar with the jquery cycle plugin and the only way
that I found to fix it was to place an IMG tag in the rotating item and
place it behind the content, thereby simulating a background image.

There is potentially another fix that is supposed to remove background
flicker/loading in IE6, but I have not had much luck with it. See the link
included below.


websymphony wrote:
> I've employed the jquery cycle plugin (great work malsup!) to display
> banners for various hospitals (such as
> http://intermountainhealthcare.org/hospitals/bearriver/Pages/home.aspx).
> To display the banners, I nested the call within a separate script
> containing
> $(document).ready(function() {
>   (More scripts)
> $('.ih-bannerCont').cycle({fx: 'fade', speed: 750, timeout: 7000,
> before: contentOut, after: contentIn});
>   (More scripts)
> });
> While the cycler works great on IE7 and FF3, IE6 chokes as it tries to
> reload the images each time the cycler changes views (this appears a
> flicker between each slide, and a white background).  I've reviewed
> the cycler on malsup's jquery site, which works with no errors in
> IE6.  Did I miss something?
> -Thanks

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